Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 30: Beating the heat

Day 30
Marshfield to Everton 55miles

So today some piddling little bike ride somewhere in Europe got under way. 2,132miles, thats nothing! I reckon it would be actually be more interesting if Contador, Wiggins and the rest had to carry all their equipment on their bikes. There'd be some epic crashes with all those panniers banging into each other!

Had breakfast in the hotel and set off just after 7.30. Initially riding was very nice. No real hills, and the sun was yet to get too high (although still pretty hot).

Going was pretty good. At one point I was pushing up a hill and heard a car behind me. I was imaging them getting all irate at my temerity to slow them down briefly as I struggled up a slope. But actually it turned out to be the MS riders from the hotel. They stopped and gave me some fresh cold water and a gatorade!

A bit later into the ride, the terrain got a bit more hilly. There were lots of river valleys which had to be negotiated. None were that high, but they were pretty constant.

At the top of one such rolling hill, there was a mother and daughter riding the other way. They told me about a place they had stayed last night in Everton; a hunting lodge type place which let cyclists stay. At the time I was hoping to get beyond Everton, hopefully to Golden City.

I arrived at Ash Grove early afternoon and found a little cafe to have some cheesecake in. The staff were really friendly, and told me about the pool in town. It sounded like a great way to cool off, so I took some time out to go for a dip. The pool was very nice, and as a cyclist I got in for free! On a macro level, America isnt a cyclist friendly place – the long distances, the huge cars and road with no shoulder areas. But on a micro level, there is lots of perks to it!

Catching some rays...

After the pool I went and had some dinner in the mexican restaurant in town. Again, people were really friendly, and the owner even bought out her laptop so I could use it! Checked the weather in Golden City, and decided that the hunting lodge seemed like a good idea.

After dinner I went back to the little cafe, had a milkshake and a really nice chat to the owner. Her and her husband and their 2 adopted children had recently moved here from Texas and opened the store. As well as a cafe, it was also a shop selling little knick-knack type things. I suggested they should get a cyclists guest book, she thought that was a great idea so got a pad of paper and I became the first cyclist to put my entry in!

After staying for a while longer I decided it was time to head off. The ride to Everton was only short, so didnt take long. Apparently there isnt much in Everton (the cafe owners had lived there until recently), and the only place of note was a biker bar called the Shaved Beaver! Also passed 1,500miles on the way!

Found the hunting lodge (was down a very bumpy, unmade road) but definitely a good place to stay. Nice comfy beds, living room, AC and wifi.

Going to head out super early tomorrow and try to do something like today again. Make progress before the day gets too hot, and then find somewhere to get out the sun in the afternoon before heading off again around 5ish. Its the July 4th weekend at the moment, so hopefully see some good fireworks over the next few days.

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