Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day 58: Long night, short day

Day 58
Twin Bridges to Dillon 28miles

Didnt have a great night last night. Leo and Sandy turned up later in the day, and we went for dinner and then back to the campsite.

They decided to put their sleeping bags on the floor of the hut, whilst I had my tent pitched outside. However, I didnt feel that safe. The park was always quite busy, with people stopping to use the nearby restrooms. It was also quite well lit, so was finding it hard to get to sleep. Sadly, my fears were realised when some people from started throwing stones at my tent. It stopped after a while, but I was worried something else might happen so couldnt sleep. A bit later I heard some people outside somewhere, and when I looked out they ran off. Think they were only young, but it was enough to convince me to move my stuff inside and sleep there. But still found it difficult to get off as every little sound had me on edge.

It's a shame, as it was my real negative experience with any locals. Its also made me a bit wary of camping in city parks again. Proper campsites seem a bit more secure, and usually more private so they are fine.

Anyway, in the morning we packed up. Leo and Sandy went for breakfast but I decided to head straight to Dillon. Was glad I was only a planning a short day, as I was feeling very tired. The ride to Dillon, about 28miles, was uneventful. I was actually heading south-west today, as I head over to main road which takes me up to Missoula. It was mainly a gentle uphill today, but it only took about 2hrs and I was in Dillon by 10:30. Found a motel which was cheap and would let me check in at 11:00, so went for some breakfast. Decided to get a huge breakfast as then I wouldnt need to eat again till dinner. As you can see, it was pretty big!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing really. Planning a very early night to catch up on sleep, and then set out in the morning. Got a couple of climbs, and then I'll see how I feel afterwards.

Hopefully last night was an isolated incident. Overwhelmingly, the people I have met have been great. So Im not going to let a couple of idiots spoil it for me.

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