Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day 51: Not much to report

Day 51
0 miles

Short and sweet entry today. Basically as I did very little on my rest day. Except rest!

Woke up reasonably early, and just sat by my tent for a while reading. After showering I went for a walk into town to try find a hairdresser. But for some reason, both the ones in town are closed on a saturday! I have noticed this is quite common in the States. Shops, particuarly service ones like barbers, work reduced hours or dont open at all on a saturday. Very different to the UK, where a business like that would expect saturday to be one of their busiest days as less people are at work. Guess I'll have to put up with a few more days of helmet hair!

Then came back to my tent and packed things up. Decided to upgrade to a room for tonight. It means I can get out of the sun for a bit in the afternoon (its pretty hot here) but also be packed up ready for the morning, as I want another early start. Got a long day in store tomorrow, mainly uphill, so it might be quite a tiring day in the saddle.

But I'm nicely rested up, and looking forward to getting into the Tetons and Yellowstone sometime this week.

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  1. Have you weighed yourself since the start of the trip?