Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 68: Looking across the pond

Day 68
Riggins to Cambridge 83miles

Kind of weird today. I couldn't really concentrate on riding through America today, as my thoughts were very much closer to home. I spent most of last night watching BBC news, and the coverage of the riots in London. It was particularly worrying to hear that Bromley had suffered some minor damage. Apparently some idiots had smashed up the local branch of Snappy Snaps. Although unconfirmed rumours said it might jut have been George Michael out for a drive.

It upsets and annoys me that people have so little respect. What's even worse is the sad knowledge that my taxes will still be paying for these people to sit at home and watch their newly stolen flatscreens. I dont want this blog getting too political, so I wont say exactly what I think should happen to these people. But I hope it happens soon! Thankfully it seems like, in London at least, tonight has seen less disturbances. It's actually quite big news over here, and a number of people I met today were asking me about it.

Anyway, on to today's ride. 83 miles today. Good to see that I can still pull out a long one when needed. Even though it isnt really needed! First 35miles or so were mainly uphill, to the town of New Meadows. Just before I got to town I passed a sign telling me I exactly half way between the equator and the north pole. How useful! Just afterwards, three cyclists heading east went past. They were heading all the way to Yorktown, and expecting to arrive in October. Thankfully, by then I'll back in London. Or whatever is left of it!

Stopped in town for a quick break. There was a very friendly lady in a coffee shop, who's wifi I was using. I felt bad about not buying anything (as I dont drink tea or coffee), so ended up getting a glass of milk and a cookie!

I then had about 50miles of what was mainly flat or downhill. It was pretty hot today too. I dont think that Americans really need to use The Weather Channel or all the fancy graphics and stuff they have on the news (they take their weather forecasts seriously over here!). All they need to do is see where I am riding today. That way they can be sure the weather there will be hot (over 90f today) and the wind direction will be in the opposite direction to whichever way I am going!

Today marks 3 weeks until I finish. Got maybe around 700miles left to ride. So shouldn't hopefully be too bad from here on in. With any luck, tomorrow will bring up a very important milestone...

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