Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 85: Everyone say "Cheese"

Day 85
0 miles

Im getting a little antsy now! My girlfriend flies out soon, and gets to Astoria on Tuesday, so that's when I will be getting there too. But it feels like I could have actually finished now.
I was planning to head up a bit further up the coast today and back to another campsite by the beach. But it was actually pretty cold today. Very overcast and with some of the lowest temperatures of my entire trip. And there is nothing worse than being at the beach when its cold! The weather forecast is better for tomorrow so decided to stay in Tillamook and have a look round. Lots of people had told me I should check out the cheese factory. The town and its surrounds are a big dairy farming area. In fact whenever I've gone to the shops recently to buy food, its usually been Tillamook dairy yoghurts I've been getting.

So I cycled up the road to the factory for a look around. There is a self guided tour you can do looking at the factory, as well as reading about the history of the area. And there was also tasting samples to try of the different cheeses. Nice way to spend a little bit of time. Then popped into town to do a bit of shopping and have a look round.

Also did a bit of research for things to do after my trip ends next week.

So quite a quiet day all in all. Whilst it would be nice to finish soon, having waited this long a couple more days wont make much difference.

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