Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 71: Not a very Testing day

Day 71
0 miles

A pretty lazy rest day today. Which is good, as I have a few more tough days ahead until I drop down to nearer sea level and things flatten out and hopefully cool off.

It was another scorcher today. A high temperature of about 95f meant I was left with no option but to spend some time by the pool!

Although early on in the day I did manage to find a stream of the England-India test match. Cricket is definitely one of the things I'm missing whilst out here, so it was good to watch a dominant England performance. Hopefully by the time I finish riding tomorrow, they will have wrapped up the win to confirm their position as the top ranked team in the world.

Later on in the day I did meet 3 other cyclists. They were heading east, so it was good to have a sit down outside a shop and have a nice chat about places to stay, things to look out for etc.

Part of me did want to head out for a beer tonight, but I think I need to make an early start tomorrow. Got 3 mountain passes in quick succession tomorrow, so want to get them down before it gets too hot.

So not too much to talk about today. But I'm feeling nicely rested, and ready for the next stretch of riding. Wonder if I'll meet anyone to discuss the cricket with!

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