Friday, 19 August 2011

Go Ducks!

Day 78
0 miles (although maybe about 8 riding round town)

Always nice to wake up on a rest day! Had a quick bit of breakfast and then spent a bit of time watching some cricket.

About 10am I packed up and left my room and headed for the hostel I was planning on staying in. Actually worked out well, as I was able to put my stuff straight into a room and then head out for the day. The hostel seems to be right in the middle of Eugene's “hippy district”. Lots of people wearing tie-dye clothes around. I feel like I stick out a bit, what with my short hair, clean shaven features and smart clothes (well, as smart as someone doing a cycle tour can look!).

After orientating myself, I set off for a day of looking round. Decided to stop by the university first of all, and have a look round campus. Eugene is another very bike friendly place, so I took mine with me today to get around a bit quicker than walking. Although I should be resting, a few leisurely and unladen miles wont be a problem. And I have tomorrow to rest as well!

The campus was very nice. Had a look at Hayward Field, a very famous athletics track. The founder of Nike was a track athlete at the University, so there is quite a big Nike presence. However, one thing about the University of Oregon sports that isnt that impressive is their team name. All US universities have a nickname for their teams. So in Charlottesville they had the University of Virginia Cavaliers. Not too bad, their soldiers. Little bit scary. In Missoula there were the Montana Grizzlies. Thats more like it – no one would want to face a grizzly bear. The team sounds intimidating even before they step on the pitch. Sadly for Oregon, they are called the Ducks! It doesnt really strike fear into your opponents hearts. You half expect them to come waddling on to the pitch, whilst making quaking noises!

Had a look round the museum of natural history on campus, and then set off to ride some of the bike paths along the river. Probably did 5 or 6 miles along the very scenic paths in total. Nice way to spend a bit of time.

So a pretty relaxing day. Might go look round some shops tomorrow. There is a big market on saturdays which is worth looking at apparently.

Tonight probably head out with people from the hostel hopefully. Maybe hit some local bars.

One thing I feel that needs pointing out is the quality of the beer in the US. The attitude in the UK is very much that American beer is weak, tasteless rubbish. Mainly because we only really get Budweiser, which is, well, weak, tasteless rubbish!

But lots of the slightly bigger towns have a great array of fantastic microbrewery type places. Producing and selling great tasting beers. Last night I went to the Steelhead brewpub and had a few Raging Red Rhinos, a great tasting amber ale. Best beer out here has to be Fat Tire though – I really hope I can get that in the UK. I'll definitely be bringing some back with me.  

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