Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 81: The Shortest Day

Day 81
Corvallis to Monmouth 20miles

A pretty easy day today! Sometimes I'll do 20miles before breakfast, today I stopped at the point.
I had a choice today of either doing a ride of about 50miles to a very small town, or a 20mile ride to a larger town, which in my experience will have more facilities (especially decent sized supermarkets). So decided to do the easy ride today, and then to do the longer ride tomorrow.

So I didnt leave Corvallis until about 10.30, and by about 12:30 I was in Monmouth, and that included stopping for a late breakfast!

Easily the shortest day of the entire trip. But thats not a problem at this stage. The whole idea of doing the bigger days during previous weeks has been to ensure that I could take it a bit easy towards the end. Since I had a planned finishing date in mind, I didnt want to be in a position where I was under pressure near the end to get to the finish. If I had to do something like 400miles in the last week then it would have been possible, but may not have been much fun. Pretty much ever since I did 110miles to get to Rawlins, I have been at least 5 days ahead of where I needed to be, sometimes as many as 7. And when I still had a month or so do a 5day buffer was nice to have. But when I get down to the last week, I dont really need quite as many days to spare. So I can eat into a bit with a few shorter ones.

Tomorrow should hopefully be a hugely importantly day, as my plan is to reach the coast, at the aptly named Pacific City. Stay tuned to see if I make it!

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