Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 89: The end of an amazing adventure

Day 89
Seaside to Astoria 17miles

So this was it. The final day of an amazing journey. I packed up Whiskey one last time and set off on the short journey to Astoria. Also turned out to be a pretty flat journey so it didnt really take me very long at all. But it was nice to be able to think back over everything I had accomplished in the last three months, and not have to worry too much about the cycling today.
My faithful steed, ready for one last day of action

Pretty soon I was approaching Astoria and crossing the long bridge into town.

Made it!

Since I was quite early, I stopped for a bit of breakfast and then went to check in at the hotel. My girlfriend wasnt due into town for at least another hour, so my plan was just to drop my bags off and then kill some time. But thankfully I was able to actually get a room (they werent very busy last night). Went to the bus stop and met Clare, and then we went back to the hotel before heading out for a bit of a food a bit later.

Astoria is a nice little town. There is a path all the way along the river, which is actually shared with a old trolley car route. Even had time for one final, funny road sign!
Thankfully this never happened to me out here!

So we walked into town for a bit, and scoped out the river bank for potential wheel dipping spots. Astoria is at the mouth of the Columbia river, as it empties into the Pacific. So the river is huge – the bridge over to Washington State is over 3.5miles long to get across to the other side!

After lunch we went back to the hotel, and then I changed back into my bike gear for the last little bit of the journey. They official finish point of the route is the Maritime Museum in Astoria, which was about 0.8miles from the hotel. I ditched all my kit for the last little leg, mainly because this would make the wheel dipping a bit easier!

Soon got to the museum, and took a few photos outside by the anchor. I cant believe that I had finished. Feels so weird. Whenever you seem some sports person on TV being asked about winning something, they always say “It will take a while to sink in”. I always used to think that was a rather bland cliché. Not anymore. I think it will take a little while for me to really be able to think back to all the places I've been, all the people I've met and all the things I've seen. But for now, I was glad to have finished what I set out to achieve.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a little beachy area which I climbed down to (carrying Whiskey on my shoulder) and dipped my front wheel. Such an amazing feeling. This was the final act of the trip.
The final act!

My achievement preserved forever. Or at least until the tide comes in

Altogether I cycled 4,332miles on the route. Seems like such a ridiculously large number of miles for a bike!

In the coming days I'll try putting down my feelings in a bit more detail. But for now, I'm just very glad to be able to say I made it!


  1. guy (Mike's Dad)30 August 2011 at 22:28

    congratulations Mike! a truly remarkable journey.
    hopefully you will now get a bit more sponsorship.
    Any body reading this please donate! Guy

  2. Wow, a massive congratulations...what an incredible achievment! You mist be chuffed to pieces. Hope you have a great few weeks resting up.
    See you in a few weeks. Rosie

  3. Many congratulations and lovely to hear that Clare has arrived safely and you'll now have some time together.
    See you next month!

  4. Amazing well done Mike we are both very proud.

    Leanne and Matt xxx

  5. Mike, well mate - very proud of you. Looking forward to
    seeing you soon little brother!

  6. Congrats Mike! I've been reading about your journey every day, and have enjoyed it greatly. You've inspired me! Good Job and enjoy your accomplishment!

  7. Well Done Snrub! I really enjoyed following your blog.

  8. Congratulation mate, this blog has been a good distraction each morning of work. Glad you made it!

  9. Well done Mike, what a superb personal achievement!
    I have enjoyed following your blog.
    Mark (I work with Leanne)