Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 11: Teething problems

Day 11
0 miles
Not much progress today!
On saturday evening I noticed a bit of pain in one of my teeth. Closer inspection in the mirror revealed a small cavity (possibly from a dislodged filling). It wasnt too painful (not keeping me up at night or anything), but it was noticeable. I decided it would be better to get it looked at now, rather than leave it and have it get worse when Im in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, it came at the worse time as nowhere would be open again until monday morning. A quick google search revealed that Wytheville seemed well stocked with dentists, so I was confident I would be able to get an appointment and be on my way.
Didnt quite pan out like that. All the dentists I called were fully booked for weeks. Until I tried on about 45miles away in Konnorock . Konnarock is on the route, and the woman was able to give me an appointment at 3pm. So I decided to have a day in Wytheville and to get to Konnaorock on tuesday. And then afterwards carry on to Damascus as I had planned to do anyway.

Its quite a lot of climbing tomorrow, so my legs my like the extra rest anyway. Although the good thing is that once I get as far as Konnarock, I am on the downhill section all the way to Damascus. I sent a text to Dave, who said it took him around 5hrs to get from Wytheville to Damascus. So ill probably leave around 8.30ish and take it easy. If I arrive early Ill just read my book in the waiting room as I cant afford to be late.

Had a bit of a wander round Wytheville, and it seems like quite a nice little town. I liked some of the shop signs!

So a bit of a setback, but nothing too major. I am a bit behind where I would ideally be, but should catch up once I can put in a few back to back 60mile days.

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