Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 9: A little bit of R & R

Day 9
0 miles - Rest day!

So today was a rest day, and as such not a huge amount to report!
Dave set off around 8ish and we said goodbye, although we may well see each other again. Swapped phone numbers so he can warn me of anything on the road!

Went to Famous Anthony's for breakfast. Had eggs and sausage and then got a few bits from the food store.

The rest of the day was spent doing not a huge amount really. Washed some clothes, finished reading my second book, cleaned my bike. Also made use of the internet to plan my next week of riding. Hopefully, going to aim to get right through the second map in the next 7 days. Around 375 miles, so a bit of an daily increase from what Ive done previously. Seems to work out quite well, with a shorter 30mile day in the middle of the week to recover. We shall see how it pans out. The weather is supposed to be cooler in the next few days which should help. Although there may also be some thunder storms – there was one here today about 1.30pm and it chucked it down a for a while.

Think the next week will also involve more camping and hostels, so might not be able to update the blog as much unless I get to a library or find some WiFi hotspots.

But the legs feel a lot fresher after doing very little today, so hopefully tomorrows ride will be nice and easy. If only!

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