Thursday, 2 June 2011

This trip has seemingly come round really quickly and slowly at the same time.
Although I was getting things ready over time, it seems the closer it got to June 1st, the more I realised I still had to do!
The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, panic buying and saying goodbye to people.
I finished work on the 20th of May. On the 22nd I went on a bike maintenence course which was useful. The first part was quite basic (changing a tyre, fixing a puncture) but the second half was all about how to adjust and change the cables for brakes and gears.
Monday I took my bike to the shop I purchased it from and they very kindly boxed it up for me. I had arranged to get it sent to a bike shop in Yorktown so it would be ready and waiting for me when I arrived. Potentially this may have been quite costly (cheapest quote of 277pounds - yes I am now using an american keyboard so cant find a pound sign!). Luckily my brothers company do lots of shipping so get big discounts. I ended up paying 88pounds - much better.
Tuesday I drove down to my brothers and dropped the bike off, and then in the evening went for a goodbye meal with my dad, my brother and his wife. Wednesday was another trip home to go for a curry with a few good friends.
Almost had a disaster friday morning though. Was out for a gentle run when suddenly my bake went into spasm. I have had this before, and it is very painful and can make any movement very difficult for up to a week. When it happened I got pretty scared, thinking my trip was over before it began. Thankfully Clare was a bit more calm and reassuring. When we got home we rang a physio and managed to get an appointment that afternoon. This certainly helped, and by friday evening I was actually moving quite well. Which was just as well due to yet another meal out with friends!!
Weekend was quite quiet, and on monday I went to watch Clare do very well in the BUPA London 10k. I was also supposed to run, but didnt want to risk my back.
Tuesday was a day to spend quality time with Clare before the big day on wednesdsay...


  1. Mate... So much bad luck at the beginning can only mean it should go well now! How weird the laptop breaking


  2. By quality time you mean a trip to the physio followed by a visit to Mr Clutch to fix the car :-)