Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 24: Hanging out in Carbondale

Day 24

Rest day!

Went out for a few drinks last night with Sam and Cory. Went to a mexican bar/restaurant with live bands. Pretty good night all in all. Although someone did mistake my accent for Australian at one point.

The combination of a few too many drinks, along with being out of practice, meant I felt pretty rough in the morning. When I woke up I thought I must have drunkenly left the taps running in the sink as the carpet and bathroom were soaked. But once I looked out the window I saw why. The carpark was full of water. Apparently the area had 8inches of rain in just 1 hour at some point last night, and a lot of rooms were like mine! Very glad I wasnt camping last night!

Today was really about doing very little that was strenuous. Had to plan out my likely stops for the next section of maps. Tomorrow I'll cross the Mississippi river and get into Missouri and then its about 400miles to Kansas. The next section goes through the Ozark mountains, which apparently have some steep gradients. My plan is to do a long day tomorrow to try and get to Farmington, and then do a few days of around 60miles to make it through to Kansas.

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