Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 14: 1 down, 9 to go

Day 14
Council, VA to Elkhorn City KY 34miles

Woke around 7ish this morning. Slept very well in the tent which is reassuring after getting used to a few motel beds!

Was actually pretty chilly in the morning, with a lot of cloud and even some light rain in the air. Even had to use the light enhancing lenses in the sunglasses.

Today was planned as quite a short journey. This was mainly because after Elkhorn City, there isnt any listed accommodation for over 60miles, so the plan was a shortish day today, and then follow it up with what will be my longest day yet tomorrow.

The first part of the ride went by quickly, as it was mainly downhill. Stopped off quickly for an apple danish breakfast at a service station, and before I knew it I had already done the 17odd miles to Haysi. And it was only just gone 10am. Stopped off for a Subway and an orange juice before heading for Breaks Interstate Park. Also got my second “I love your accent” comment at the service station, although this was then followed up with “What is it? Canadian?” so not quite the compliment it could have been!

The route to Breaks was basically a 10mile roller-coaster of 3 steep climbs, followed by 3 equally steep downhill sections. Although as it turned out, the last downhill was after the entrance to the park.

Stopped off briefly at the park, the “Grand Canyon of the South” apparently, but it wasnt really designed for heavily loaded bikers! Lots of steep up and down access roads.
Dont remember the real grand canyon having so many trees

The final descent down from Breaks was fantastic, and also took me past a very important milestone – I was now leaving Virginia after 2 weeks! This leaves me 9 more states to get through in the next 10weeks. The more astute of you might think that might seem like a tall ask, considering I took 2 weeks to get through the first. But some of the states have less mileage and easier riding. I think you can get through Illinois in around 3 days as the route only cuts through a small portion of it.

Stopped and took a photo by the “Welcome to Kentucky” type sign, and also at the river which was basically the bottom part of the Breaks park area.

Arrived at my motel (after first missing it completely and riding past it into the main part of Elkhorn city!). Greg, the manager, was a very friendly and chatty guy. When I spoke to him yesterday he had basically said he would keep a room available for me. We spent about 10minutes chatting and then I went to my room and had my first proper shower for almost 48hours! Feel a lot better now.

No wifi in the room, so I will either be posting this from a restaurant Greg said had wifi or from the local library.

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  1. well done for completing your first state. hope your bike has been holding up today