Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 22: Taking the ferry into the next State

Day 22
Sebree,KY to Cave In Rock, IL

Had a nice sleep in the church basement classroom thing, and then woke up just as bunch of bible school kids were coming in!

After a bit of faffing we went for breakfast. Cory and Sam were considering taking a shortcut to Carbondale which the pastor had told us about over dinner. It was about 100miles on a main road, and they were keen to make up time on their trip. I decided to stick to the main route, especially as I didnt fancy another big day as it was 11am by the time we left. Said goodbye to them again, and probably wont see them any more as Ill be a couple of days behind.

Main aim of today was to get to the Ohio river and cross into Illinois. Riding today wasnt as easy as last night. Lot of up and down hills, so it wasnt easy to ever get into a rhythm. It was one of those days where I just had to tough it out and get to the end, but not one that will live long in the memory! Seemed to also have picked up a bit of a side strain which was causing me a bit of pain.

By about 5pm I reached the river and waited for the ferry. It just constantly goes back and forth across the river carrying cars (and the odd bike) back and forth between Kentucky and Cave In Rock.

Wenlock enjoying the view from the ferry

My entry into the third State of the trip was almost complete

Its actually a pretty wide river, so wouldnt fancy swimming it!

There was a campsite in the town, but decided I fancied a motel tonight. Initially tried getting a posh lodge by the river, but they were all full (and a bit pricey).

Eventually ended up at the local motel. It is possibly the most run-down, cheapest looking place I have stayed at. The paint is peeling off the walls, the shower doesn't quite stop running and I probably felt cleaner before getting in the shower! It also has a TV which doesnt appear to get half the channels it is supposed to. Altough it was showing an episode of the A-Team in which Boy George was helping Hannibal and the gang in a country and western setting. Rather bizarre.

However, the room cost me just $30 for the night (and guy gave me a $10 discount as I was on a bike) and it means I dpnt have to unpack everything tonight.

Not quite sure what to do tomorrow. Carbondale is 80odd miles away. My legs were pretty tired today, so that might be a bit much. I plan to set off early (not much point staying in the motel for the luxury!) and see how I do. There looks to be plenty of places to camp on the way if I get tired.

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