Thursday, 2 June 2011

Journey from Hell

Didnt sleep much tuesday night, and had to be up early Wednesday to get to the airport on time.
Was quite surprised when I arrived at Gatwick to be asked if I was flying "today or yesterday". Thought this was some new time travel device US Airways had devised, but actually it turned out that yesterdays flight to Charlotte (my initial destination) never left, so there were two flights that morning.
Flight to Charlotte was fairly uneventful. But when I arrived, thats when the fun really started...
I was due a 2hour stop over which was fine - bit of food and a drink then a quick 1hr flight and in my hotel by 5.30pm local time. If only that were the case.
My flight kept getting put back due to "cooling issues". At this point I went for a quick walk, only to come back and find it had been cancelled and I was now at the back of a queue to get rebooked. Not good.
I ended up on the 8pm flight to Newport News, which meant an additional 3hr wait by this point.
Then this flight kepot getting delayed. The plane for the flight was currently "under maintenence" and still had to fly to some other place and fly back before going to Newport news. Feeling tired and fed up, I managed to tranfer to a flight to Norfolk, VA leaving at 7:45. This was on time, but was going to mean a longish taxi to my hotel. But by this point I was passed caring.
Flight left on time, as did my luggage. Except that left on the NN flight!
I eventually got to my hotel at around 10pm (now been up around 22hrs) with no luggage.
To compound problems, my netbook has seemingly derveloped a fault and wont start. All in all, a pretty awful day.
As I type this, its early on thursday. I barely slept last night, but my luggage has arrived.
At the moment I am thinking of putting my departure back one day and starting the ride on saturday. Dont think I will be in any mood to start tomorrow, and I still need to get my computer fixed if possible!
Lets hope things pick up from here!!!

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  1. A challenging start to the journey but keep your spirits up and enjoy the adventure. Best wishes