Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day 3: Bumping Ass

Day 3
Mechanicsville to Mineral 60miles

Another early start today. Woke up quite early, so had a Skype call with Clare. There was some rain during the night, and then before breakfast it started again along with thunder and lightening. I hoped this would make for some nice cool, fresh riding today.
Had breakfast and then set off at about 7am. Rain was still falling, but only lightly and wasnt cold.
First couple of hours went by without too much adventure. I could feel my legs were still a bit tired from yesterday, and my gears were annoying me a little. I stopped to try fixing them, but probably just made things worse. Might get a pro to look at them in Charlottesville.
The route is definitely getting more rural now, with fields and cows. Also becoming easier to follow as there are less junctions, and its also easier to spot these

At every turning there is one of these signs saying where to go. Very useful. Part of my route today also piggy backed the Atlantic coast route, which is route number 1

Ended up doing a 40mile stint to Bumpass. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing towns with funny names. And here is the first one!
Is it pronounced Bum-Pass or Bump-Ass? I dont think either sounds that great!

A little later I also saw this road sign – must be a boring place to live!

Stopped as Bumpass at noon for a pork sandwich and an orange juice. Then headed up towards Lake Anna for the final 20 mile ride to Mineral. A nice scenic place, with lots of expensive looking lakeside properties with boat garages. Would be great to live somewhere like that!

Was getting pretty tired by the time I arrived in Mineral. The last mile or so being uphill didnt help though. Stopped at the shop and devoured a bottle of orange juice, before looking for my place for the night – the local fire station!

Got let in and told to “make myself at home”! Had a shower and then had a look round the station.

They had a trophy for “best appearing antique fire truck”, and it did look pretty impressive.

Wenlock also seemed to like it!

London 2012 is now fully prepared for all emergencies!

Apparently they have had cyclists staying most nights for a few weeks now, and get around 200 a year. There are some more who are planning on staying later so might get to meet some other people later which will be cool.

Had some feedback about my kit, and I think I will try and lose some of it. The big decision is whether to get rid of the cooking equipment, and just buy all food. I reckon with a bit of kit pruning, and making more use of the space on the back shelf, I could potentially get rid of the need for the front panniers. I might have a practice later today and see how it goes.

As I type this, an emergency call has just come in. And Im not lying here, the text message they got to describe it read
"12 year old girl scratched in private area by dog. Patient is bleeding from area"
Only in America...

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  1. How was the night in the fire station? any more emergency calls?