Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 18: A short and gentle ride

Day 18
McKee to Berea 28 miles

Woken up early by some thunder, and absolutely torrential rain. Even by 8pm it was still pretty dark out there due to the cloud and rain. Thankfully today was going to be a short day so I wasnt in a huge rush to get out.
My right calf muscle was pretty tight yesterday, so I was hoping a couple of short days in a row would help and it was certainly better today.

Eventually set off at about 11am, and the ride today was pretty uneventful, and much flatter than previous days. Managed to miss one turning about 5miles from Berea, but after backtracking I arrived in Berea about 2pm.

Originally I had planned to camp at a local campground tonight, but the weather forecast put paid to that! This strong storm front is still in the area and, if Im reading the maps right, its headed east towards me!

Not wanted to get blown away in my tent, I decided to go for a motel.

Lost another spoke in the back wheel today, so Danville cant some soon enough. Should be there tomorrow (weather permitting). Danville isnt on the TransAm route directly, so might go off route slightly tomorrow to get there in the most direct manner.

Another little milestone today – through the second section of maps. The plan (I always seem to be saying this!) is to up the mileage in the next section. Accommodation options are less frequent on the next map, so need to be doing some longer days. Hopefully with a new back wheel ill be able to get a bit more speed up! Definitely glad Im not trying to finish in 2 months, as I would already be way behind!  


  1. I would like to see some more pictures of Wenlock! im beginning to worry incase he gets ditched!

  2. Mike, liking the blog updates, also the GPS routes. No harm in the exploration at the end being included!


  3. how many miles so far?